Treasury Museum Shop

At the entrance of the Imperial Treasury Museum (Wiener Schatzkammer), between the ticket office and the wardrobe, thus easily accessible when entering of leaving the Treasury Museum, you will find the customer friendly and well equipped Museum Shop. It offers a wide display of different products dealing with the artefacts and highlights oft he Museum.

The "Virtual Treasury" on DVD

In the museum shop of the Vienna Treasury Museum you will find interesting technical literature as well as DVDs, CDs, Videos and a large range of souvenirs, including inter alia books for children and catalogues of ongoing or past exhibitions, textiles from silk scarfs to t-shirts, postcards, posters and stationary, magnets, cups, sweets.

A product, which our editing team wants to specially recommend to you, is a DVD, which offers you a virtual tour through the Treasury and contains in addition numerous 3D-models of important museum items and allows you look at the high quality images with an up to 10times zoom.

Due to this fascinating and innovative DVD production, visitors of the Vienna Imperial Treasury Museum are not only given the chance to take individual souvenirs back home but virtually the entire Treasury so that the impressions of a visit to the Treasury Museum can be revived any time. You may also use the "Virtual Treasury" to thoroughly prepare yourself for your visit to the Treasury Museum - a feature, particularly valuable in case of school projects.

You can buy the DVD and many other souvenirs and documentation material either directly in the museum shop of the Treasury or in the online museum shop of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. Click on the YouTube-Video to get your own impression about the quality of this unique DVD production!